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creativity_bycc's Journal

Creativity by CandyCentric
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My personal graphic community for banners, walls, headers, profiles and icons.
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Hello everyone and welcome to creativity_bycc, the graphic journal of candycentric. I've been making graphics for a while now and finally decided to keep things more orderly, by making a community seperate from my personal journal to post everything. If I've done everything right, you don't have to join to see everything, but you are more than welcome to FRIEND the community for updates. :)

My latest obsession, like everyone else it seems, is stock photography. Things such as scenery, animals, models, everyday people, random objects, etc. You're also more than likely to come across actors and actresses, such as Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, Michelle Trachtenberg, Anna Paquin, and others. For movies and tv shows, you'll find lots of stuff for Dark Angel, as well as Roswell, Smallville and POTC.

Typically, I tend to work more with larger graphics like LJ headers, User Infos, Banners and Wallpapers, but still do a Few icons when the mood strikes. Recently, I've also started making layouts for my stock User Infos.

1. I spend a lot of time and energy on making some of these things, and ask that you please CREDIT creativity_bycc.

2. I have limited bandwidth, so please DO NOT HOTLINL.

3. If you take anything and want to alter something, I only ask that you please ask first.

4. I adore comments! So, please feel free to let me know what you think. ;)

You will find a list of all my resources I use HERE.

I am the moderator of two other communities: da_challenges and summaryforrent, as well as co-Admin at RAISING HELL, a Dark Angel FanFiction Archive.

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